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Massage therapy is about personal wellness. In short, massage is the manipulation of soft tissues to alleviate current pain, manage medical conditions, and improve current and future health. our goal at Yong and Zhiyong massage therapy is to help everyone- from students and office workers with the shoulder and back problems related to desk work to the well travelled people who have had hard knocks in life and want tune ups to function at 100% or surpass their current positions. 

Massage therapy can benefit people from many walks of life. It can help alleviate people with low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and headaches (Massage Therapy: What You Need To Know | NCCIH ( retrieved 3 Jan 2022). 

There are also psychological benefits to massage. There are studies that show that blood pressure and the physical signs of stress are reduced by massage ((PDF) Cady, S. H., & Jones, G. E. (1997). Massage therapy as a workplace intervention for reduction of stress. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 84, 157-158. ( retrieved 5 Jan 2022). When the body is stressed it can influence the mind and reduce well being insofar to impact our personal and professional lives.

Customer reviews

Yong is fantastic. Best massages I've had in a long time, and I leave feeling super relaxed and beat up(in a good way) with deep tissue massage. So far I've tried reflexology and cupping, both of which I've enjoyed and found really helped with any issues I've had. -Andrew R

Had my first massage at the Spruce Grove Location. Ashley was very professional and did an amazing job. The tightness in my shoulders and back is very minimal. Highly recommended. -J

I have been coming for massage therapy at Yong. Michelle is a very good massage therapist. I always look forward to my next appointment. -Stephen Kuetbach

The best deep tissue massage in town. I’ve gone to a lot of places and always knew they didn’t help with my knots. I saw Zhi for an hour and my back feels so much lighter and I can breathe better -Susan Hua

My last few massages have been with Isaac. He uses techniques and tools while maintaining discretion to provide a thorough deep tissue massage to all muscle groups - which I have found some male therapists will avoid. He is friendly, which also helps you to relax. Isaac offers information about his findings and has shown me some stretching exercises which have helped me between appointments. The location has adequate parking and is easy to find. It is in a quaint old house that has lots of character - it isn't fancy, but you feel welcome. I've been going there for several years. -Melanie F

I get some seriously messed up knots in my neck and shoulder, and Yong is the only massage therapist that's ever been able to get them out within a couple of sessions.

I would recommend her services to anybody with significant pain and tightness!


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