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Yong massage therapy is a local family run business founded in 2009. Run by the husband and wife team of Zhi and Yong, they strive to better the health of the community through massage therapy – soft tissue manipulation. They specialize in deep tissue and relaxation massage and provide custom treatments to the client’s specific needs. Over the years they have added an acupuncturist to their practice and will soon have manual osteopath qualifications.

The goal of massage is to heal and maintain the body. Injury, posture, and age can cause discomfort and pain and though we cannot solve the former, we are experts at the latter. Through extensive training and knowledge we are able to help:

-Increase cardiovascular flow

-Resolve muscle tension that causes pain

-Increase range of motion

-Promote lymphatic flow and reduce swelling

-Accelerate injury recovery

-Clear areas of stress and irritation

We all have additional specialized training that can help reduce and resolve issues such as:

-Musculoskeltal issues and joint pain

-Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

-Tennis elbow (lateral epicondyle tendonosis)

-Golfer's elbow

-Shin splints

-Rotator cuff injuries

-Ankle pain (Achilles tendonosis/ sural muscle tendonosis)

-Wrist pain (carpal tunnel/ antebrachial tendonosis)


-Hamstring injuries (bicep femoris/ semimembranosus/ semitendonosus)

-IT band (iliotibial band)

-Back pain (lumbar sprain/ strain)

-Knee pain (patellofemoral disorders, knee muscle compensations for past injuries)

-Scar tissue

-Trigger finger

We've done a lot of research and study to help improve mobility and decrease daily pain.​ We cannot promise miracles, although they sometimes happen... Our goal is to improve  quality of life; it may be to survive the workweek and have the ability to go for a long bike ride on the weekend or keep up with the grandkids. How about doing better pushups, squats, and keep the health goals with less joint and muscle fatigue?


Maybe you just want an alternative to the new pain medication that was prescribed. In many cases, medication does not solve problems, instead, they address symptoms without handling the cause of the problem.

Imagine 2 scenarios:

1) dozens of years of pain medication, increased dosages, and side effects.

2) a few massage therapy or acupuncture sessions that get to the root of the problem and keep it from getting worse.

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